Energy of Uniqueness

Energy of Uniqueness

Nicole Luck

Format: 13.5 x 21.5 cm
Number of Pages: 90
ISBN: 978-3-903861-79-4
Release Date: 16.08.2021
Energy of Uniqueness is an anthology of poems ruminating over the nature of love, honesty, individuality, and compassion in the context of the events of the early 2020s.

Enter the kingdom of light.
For there you will find peace and harmony.
For that is your soul.
The entity.
The energy that flows thru all of us.
To be unique.
For we are unique.
For that is the beauty of being alive not only within but all around us.
The soul.
It is a combination of time, space and more.
The soul.
Oh, the soul.
For without you, where would we be.
Everywhere and nowhere.


Do you feel it.
I can’t explain it.
It’s in the atmosphere.
The energy that flows thru me.
How to explain this feeling.
For even I cannot put it into words.
I just sense it.
Its like the universe is holding its breath.
In anticipation.
For what?


We are on the verge of many new exciting things.
The verge where humans begin to look inside.
For the soul is wanting to expand.
For the time has come, has it not?
Can you feel it?
When you walk in nature, you can feel the earth beneath your feet.
The energy that flows thru constantly.
For the soul is on the verge of wanting to bring forth a message.
Oh, I can’t wait what it is for something wonderful.
Be patient and be open.


To be skilful.
Requires skill in being able to convey what you are wanting to say.
To have that skill to lead.
For not all have that skill which leaders need.
For there are those among us who have the courage to be strong.
For they have learned the art of being among many.
For it takes patience, a calmness within, a sense of justice to all mankind and more.
To be skilful.
Do you have the necessary skills?


To convey the truth.
For many have the inability to do so.
To be upfront.
For it takes courage.
Courage to be honest.
For humans have a difficulty in accepting the truth.
Even thou they like to be told the truth then the opposite.
But often times they prefer to be lied to for it helps to ease the pain.
Am I wrong to say this?
I don’t know.
Its just a feeling I have.
For I would prefer to be told the truth then to be lied to.


That inability to be truthful.
For there are creatures in today’s world who would rather blame others then themselves.
That inability to look within and sort thru their life experiences.
For once they have done that, for it takes many months or years, to heal.
For the soul is patient.
But the mind is unable or unwilling to compromise.
For its stubborn.
But in time, it concedes and realizes its mistake.
Oh, humans, try and be more in tune to yourself.


To be held accountable.
To say one thing and do the opposite.
For it means to be responsible for things when you don’t always want to be.
There are those that are good in being responsible.
For they love to be in charge.
Meaning they thrive in being in control of the situation.
That is good for we need more humans that are accountable for their actions.
For many humans just follow and not think.
Oh, to be human!


To thrive.
Humans thrive.
Nature thrives.
I wonder who will thrive the longest.
Who has the capability to survive?
To evolve.
For humans are organic and so is nature.
But the soul is energy.
I think we can agree that it’s the energy that will thrive.
For it flows thru us, nature and the universe.
It’s all around us.
Oh, how beautiful nature is.


Life is a wonder.
Is it not?
To see before you a beautiful cherry blossom tree.
All bright and pink.
For spring is around the corner.
To feel the crispy air blow into your face.
Ruffling your hair as you look at the beautiful tree in front of you.
For everything around you is rather dull.
Oh, how I look forward to spring for the beautiful flowers will explode in eccentric colours like a rainbow in the sky.


We all need a bit of guidance in our lives.
For we don’t know everything.
For its nice to have good friends to talk things thru especially as we evolve within ourselves.
And as we become one with the soul, we need to be in balance within ourselves and the mind.
For the mind needs time to find that balance of adjustment.
For its all new.
But its open to the guidance of the soul.
So, thank you!

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