The Secrets of the Psyche

The Secrets of the Psyche

Inger Susaeg

Format: 13,5 x 21,5 cm
Number of Pages: 162
ISBN: 978-3-99064-534-5
Release Date: 17.04.2019
Are you ready to question everything you thought you knew? Start your journey to expanded consciousness by the Keys of Liberation and Inger's logic reasoning about the energy of life. This is one read you will not want to miss.
1 Introduction

During the last hundred years several invisible phenomenon have come into being, devices that weren’t thinkable before they emerged as a result of technological development. This started with the ordinary telephone, then came the radio, then television. Now we take mobile phones, computers and broadband for granted without giving many thought to the technology behind the devices.
We experience ourselves in the same way. Most of us take life for granted and assume that it continues for us until the day comes when something doesn’t work. We cannot just replace ourselves, like we do with mobile phones. Science actually knows a highly developed technology behind a variety of invisible energy forms that we benefit from and enjoy, while the ‘technology’ behind what makes us alive and creates life, seems to be a mystery. Perhaps it may be wise to know what causes a crash in our machinery?
When we reflect on it, we can all observe that there is an energy giving life everywhere in what is alive. If humans, animals and plants didn’t have life energy, it would be as if we were made of stone. Immeasurable? Let’s put it this way: Life energy isn’t measurable by metric units, but it is to a large extent measurable in terms of larger or smaller presence. Isn’t it time we find “the technology” behind the phenomenon “the human being”, and do research on which measurement units can be used on life energy? I think we need to lift our eyes and look in new directions for answers.
From time immemorial, human beings have become ill without understanding why. Many are the ways and methods we have used to try to make us well. Nevertheless, neither the ways of thinking and research in the West nor Asian philosophy and methods have managed to break the ‘health code’: What is causing pain and illness to occur in the body?
The purpose of this book is to show a new approach to the human being, based upon a different way of thinking. I want to show how we can achieve new possibilities for a better life and health by logical reasoning and by observing life and nature. The understanding I present is based upon studies of life energy and on observations of humans and experiences that I have done in self-development work.
In 2004 I developed a method I call ‘The Keys of Liberation’. By applying the method, which is described towards the end of the book, I have gained knowledge about how the life energy operates in the body and what makes pain occur. To start with I got insights through experiences by working through memories and by letting go of emotional pain. I could see and understand how emotional wounds created negative thoughts. They disappeared when I worked through painful memories.
After a while, I received requests from people interested in the work I was doing. By guiding them towards the reasons for their pain and problems and by teaching them how to use the method, I discovered that most people had similar patterns and the same possibilities to set themselves free from pain. Gradually, I got a clearer picture of how the body, the thoughts and the feelings function together. By working actively with myself and with others, I became aware of a number of factors that relate to human health. Therefore, this book also presents some causalities that I found through my work.
As a patient you may experience what doctors call some illnesses and pain as psychosomatic. In other words, doctors realize that the psyche influences the physical body, without being aware of the connection between them. In my opinion it is time that this field is explored with new eyes so that it’s possible to build bridges between medicine and psychology. Humans are whole individuals, not biological devices equipped with thoughts and feelings.
When I started to understand this, I asked myself the question: Could the pain in my arms have anything to do with my thoughts and feelings? Having reflected on this, I realised that it is obvious, but something we rarely have learned anything about. I am sure you have had pain in your stomach once you were afraid? Then it isn’t so strange, if pain in another part of the body indicates another painful feeling?
The many directions within natural medicine that have showed up during the last years show that many human beings want to take responsibility for their own health in new ways. The fact that there is a connection between the feelings and the body is no new thing. There are several methods working on the connection between the body and the psyche, for example The Rosen Method* and applied kinesiology* that find answers by touch and contact with the body while they ask questions to the mind and feelings.
The exploration I have done on this area has another approach than traditional nature scientific ways. I have searched for other ways of thinking. I have found answers by asking questions about existence and by observing my own life. I have concluded that it’s the thinking about health, about how the body and psyche function, that needs to change. The answers are not complicated, but different. They are not found by studying books or long winded theories. It has been a benefit for me not to have read much about medicine, psychology or biology. If I had, I think my mind would have got stuck. The challenge is to set free the thought and disconnect both from things you have learned and society’s perceptions of what is true. To get there, I have let go of reading books and I have only rarely looked at TV or listened to the radio for a long period. We are actually much more influenced by other people’s thoughts than we are aware of and not least of all, by the media. This is probably caused by human nature’s tendency to look up to someone who knows better.
Everybody can follow my chain of thought because the answers I have found are based on general knowledge, logic reasoning – and human experiences and considerations. Everybody is open to the fact that we need new directions to find answers to the questions about health that still lie unanswered. Therefore, I invite both you who are trained in the health sector and public in general to take time to observe and reflect together with me. It’s important to detach from old thoughts about how you think things are.
What is important is that you don’t start asking for proof as soon as you read assertions that don’t fit with your perception about how things are. The first thing is; there are many things that are impossible to prove. This is mostly because it’s not possible to measure consciousness, the way we are used to think. What I have found, which is important to underline, is that you get growing insights and certainty about how existence function, as you recognize, release and let go of painful emotions and related limiting thoughts. Secondly, there are several established truths that are built upon assumptions that were done long before the atom and quantum physics were born. Such truths aren’t necessarily true, even if they represent the public opinion.
This started when I decided not to take the happy pills the doctor gave me when I got anxiety. I decided instead to study my thoughts and feelings. As I observed myself, I discovered which thoughts triggered feelings that activated pain in my stomach. It led to a long journey into the fantastic mysteries of the body, or better said, the soul’s and the cells’ secrets and wisdom. If you have experienced diarrhea when you are nervous, you have experienced the direct connection between your thoughts, feelings and body. What I have found, is that most pain in the body comes from emotional pain. The understanding I have developed, is based upon experiences that have convinced me that our feelings are reflected in the entire body. If you actively use the method I present, you will also develop growing insights, not only about yourself, but about life in general.
Both physical and mental distress is a major challenge for health authorities today. The method and ways of thinking described here, work great when you have a pain to work with on your own. With patience and dedicated effort you can free yourself from both physical and mental problems of a milder type. It is possible to work on your own to free yourself from pain. I have not experienced any kind of danger in facing your feelings the way this method entails. You may experience very strong emotions that you never knew you had, but this also provides an insight into the necessity of doing so. This is because through using this method you understand how things are connected. I also warmly recommend physicians or psychologists to use these keys in your own lives. This will give you valuable information for your own professional practice as well as your personal development.
You might think that it’s a part of someone’s personality to have emotional outbursts. I partially agree. If tempers are positive and don’t affect others, we can live well with strong feelings. However, if the feelings make us think negative thoughts, cause us to be afraid, cause us to accuse and attack or make us feel like losers or victims, it is a great advantage to realize that we can get rid of them.
Many books claim that positive intentions work like creating energy. When we repeat thoughts about something we want and feel confident that it will happen, it shall be a reality. I agree partially. However, there is much in the way that prevents our thoughts from creating what we want. Through the work with myself, I discovered how we create many of the events in life that we seemingly cannot control. They are created by subconscious thoughts. My experience though, is that the subconscious is a treasure. There are the patterns that form the basis of how we perceive ourselves, which in turn shape our lives. This book provides a perspective on how to access the hidden feelings and your own subconscious. Those patterns often seem limiting because they are created by situations where we feel hurt, betrayed, devalued, etcetera. By grabbing what you really feel through your everyday life, doors begin to open to a new and richer life, and thereby to better health.

2 Particles know

It is more than 100 years since physicists presented how physical reality consists of atoms, which in turn consist of even smaller particles. Atomic structures have become part of general knowledge. We learnt in school that matter consists of tiny particles, electrons, spinning around nuclei. We have learned that atoms have different numbers of electrons from element to element, but the electrons are the same in all the elements.
The elements can be related to each other in different chemical compounds so that the atoms bind to each other by the electrons spinning in several atoms simultaneously, forming molecules. The electrons do this by spinning alternately in each element. They thus form completely different substances in this way. The same particles can form any substance which consists of molecules in addition to forming elements. In other words, one single particle has the ability of spinning in and forming all elements and all chemical compounds between them.
Atomic physics explains that the particles are so tiny and the spinning patterns so big in relation to them that actually, matter mostly consists of vibrating “space”. They say that it is the particles’ spin that make us perceive matter as firm. It means that even the physical body is only seemingly firm matter.
Here is a concrete example: What makes one and the same electron spin in an oxygen atom when it contributes to constitute oxygen and then to spin in an iron compound when it has got inside of the body? This happens in our body constantly when the iron in the blood binds itself to the oxygen of the air we breathe in so that the blood can transport oxygen to all the cells.

What make electrons in an atom cooperate with electrons in the other atoms so that they form molecules together? The answer I have found is just as logic as it is amazing:
They know how!
The particles that constitute the natural elements must have knowledge about how they form them, or matter would not exist. All particles must actually have knowledge about all the elements and all the compounds between them, or they could not react with each other the way they do. By having general knowledge we can all observe that particles are fantastic at cooperating in getting things to happen in creation. This happens not least in the human body, where the constituents are dividing and form new compounds continuously.
I have found that particles’ conscious qualities are a precondition for life.
Think carefully about the logic of my reasoning. If particles have the ability to remember and think, it changes the entire perception of reality, right? I mean that it’s because we consist of conscious particles, that we are able to think! However, because our thoughts are so obvious for us, we have not had the ability until now to see and understand our own nature.
I hope that my contribution to a change of thinking with this book may inspire scientific environments to open up to the fact that particles have conscious qualities. Especially since the early 1700s, science and laymen have been used to reason about existence in a “mechanical” way. Research and development concerning the body and the psyche isn’t much influenced by the atom and quantum physics’ non-linear thinking, even if it’s more than a hundred years since the knowledge about the atom was presented. In my opinion, that is one of the reasons that development on Earth, dominated by a western influence, seems to have run into a track of increased materialism and superficiality.
I have reflected a lot on the nature of existence and I would like to invite many different disciplines to find new answers to the phenomenon in existence that we still haven’t found answers to. I suggest a few questions right here that you can reflect on relating to my assumption: What makes your eyes able to see? What make your ears able to perceive sound? What make you able to perceive smell? What make you able to taste? What makes you able to think? What does that instrument with which you think consist of?
We can observe that all life develops on tiny units that contain all the information about the individual. Seeds become plants and trees, fertilized roe becomes thousands of fish and fertilized egg cells become animals and humans. What happens with a seed, with a living individual, doesn’t happen by chance, but it develops exactly that individual. In most cases the individuals are not alike but have the possibility of variations. So how can the information about the plant, about the animal, about the human, be stored in such small units? The answer is again just as logical as amazingly simple, when we think in a new way. The particles that the seed consists of must be able to remember!
Particles must know how that particular kind of tree develops and what it looks like! For example, that it has needles and not leaves, that it is green all through the winter and doesn’t loose its leaves. I mean it can only be the way it is because the particles have the ability to remember information about this single individual in nature when they have started to constitute a cell structure. There must be some kind of programming in the particles at the very start that makes them able to form life on Earth. To make everything able to develop the way it does, all particles must know everything about how all life develops! It is the same with the elements. All particles must know about how all species develop from the smallest units, because all life withers, dies and dissolves to start growing again from the seed level. The particles that then arrive from the sun light and from the soil to enable the growth of new individuals must have knowledge about how they collect information from the particles in the seed to form new cells in the specific species.
Think about this: The big pine tree that grows from the seed in the cone consists of millions of cells, which again consist of particles that all must know how they form the pine tree or they aren´t able to cooperate in creating it. In other words, what one particle knows about the pine, all particles that it consists of know! The seed must contain all information about how the entire tree is created because the seed cells divide and become two cells and the two divide again and so on to become the tree. This is what we know from biology. The cells must have knowledge about how they form bark and pine needles as well as the stem and how it all fits together as a whole. The way I see it, it’s the particles’ consciousness that makes it possible for the cells to do what they do.
We know that a tree contains more and more particles as it grows. We know that the plants get energy from the sun light, which provides for development and growth. It is likely that trees contain particles that originate both from the soil and the sun. The particles are thus from very different sources and have the ability to cooperate to form new structures.
Similarly with the human body. Most people have experienced that skin can peel off and repair itself. The same happens when we get a wound. The cells largely find their original structure after an injury. So the cells’ qualities show that it’s logical that there is consciousness in our cells. Again I suggest that the particles that the cells consist of have the ability of being conscious. When it comes to the human body, the particles must come from somewhere to form new cells. Here too, it’s probable that the cells are formed both by the food we eat and by particles that have their origin in sun light and in electric light. I believe that science communities can use these ideas as starting points for new research.
Actually particles show many fascinating things about existence when we take time to reflect. The particles must cooperate for matter to be able to exist, right? Thus, cooperation is a basic quality in the smallest building blocks we consist of. Can we conclude from this that cooperation is one of the basic qualities in our human nature?
If so what more qualities do particles have that are worth noticing? Try to imagine how it would be to be a particle, spinning in an atom! Every single particle must trust that the others do their job. Trust seems to be a prerequisite to make particles able to form matter. It resembles the trust we as humans have that everybody drives on the correct side of the road.
The next thing to come to mind when I imagine how it is to be a particle, is that all the others are like myself – that we are all equal. We do the same jobs and are dependent on each other to make existence function. A quality needed to make a society function as well! Still, the most important thing I have discovered when imagining being a particle, is that they must have the ability to communicate with each other. This is logical because all particles have the ability to do all the same tasks. Like in the example about the pine tree we can observe; what one particle knows, all the particles that form the same tree must know.
This alerts me to even more qualities that particles have: Persistence and acceptance of their situation. This little reflection shows that changing perspective about particles can show the way for a new way of thinking, not only within science, but in life in general. If we are conscious because particles are conscious, it is our basic nature to cooperate, to trust each other, to communicate, to see each other as equal and to be persistent and accepting. Assumptions about particle consciousness make completely new perspectives grow forth.
Many new answers become close when we think this way. To get there we must be willing to change our attitudes, not only to ourselves as beings and what we believe in, but to existence in its entirety. What we need to see, is that life is not linear and mechanic, but multi-dimensional. In our body there is much going on in addition to the atomic structure, the “vibrating space” that we consist of, phenomenon that no one has found explanations to within science. Pain for example. In the next chapter we will approach this challenge from a new angle.

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