John Edward Bankole Jones

John Edward Bankole Jones was born in England in 1936. He is a coloured man, born illegitimately to an English mother and an African father from Sierra Leone. His mother did not acknowledge him as her son as so he was raised in multiple foster homes and finally an orphanage. His father collected him from the orphanage and took him to Sierra Leone to live with him and his family. He returned to England in 1960 to study law. While studying he worked in London as a freelance radio and TV journalist. He returned to Sierra Leone in the mid-sixties and worked in the foreign ministry as a career diplomat and later as a practising lawyer. He returned to England in 1988/89 and worked for the Crown Prosecution Service before retiring in 1996. Subsequently, he worked as a volunteer in several charities.
He likes reading and listening to Jazz. He is married with four children.