Gerti Baldwin

Gerti Baldwin was born in Vienna in 1941. Spending her earlier years in poverty with her mother and siblings, after formal education she had various jobs including tailoring and office work.
From childhood on she liked to read and write. Her first title, Nico and sein Drache was written in German and published in 2007 in Vienna. She wrote an English version of this book in 2017, coupled with the book In Mysterious Way, both under the pen name Geri Stone. There is also a German version of her current book, The Other Heaven Can Wait.
Growing up, Gerti loved climbing, swimming and her favourite, judo. She was the first girl to join a judo club and won several championships.
After taking a postgraduate course in social work, she worked mainly with children until retirement. She lives in Wales with her partner and has an adult son. She loves the sea, enjoys swimming and tai chi, pursuing interest in art, psychology and alternative healing methods.