Fahed Aslan Agha Al Barazi

My grandfather, Mohammad Agha Al Barazi, was the commander of the Ottoman forces that stretched from Damascus to Saudi Arabia and the lord protector in that sector. In acknowledgement of his achievements, Napoleon III sent him the famous 3 Golden Revolvers, signed by Napoleon III, which are still in our custody.
I was accepted into the cadets of the Syrian Army after I graduated from the University of Florida; however, in 1963, when I was 22 years old, Hafez Assad made his second coup d’état and abolished the terms in which I had been accepted and where my ambitions lay. Undeterred, I continued my military studies on my own, and this enabled me to make military analyses that are reflected in my book to such a meticulous degree that I found no comparable works. I dedicated my productive efforts to writing this great volume about Napoleon Bonaparte, which took me over 12 years to complete, and prior to that, Alexander the Great and Hannibal.