July 1st 1997 was the start of today’s novum publishing. Back then, Wolfgang Bader decided to start his own business as service provider for publishers in the field of book layout. The foundation stone of this company which was called “Zirkumflex” was laid in the basement of the Bader family’s house. From the beginning, he received active support from his wife. As part of his employment as a computer specialist and layout specialist at the publishing company “Edition Tau” Wolfgang Bader had gained an extensive experience in order to implement his services successfully – he was quickly able to convince renowned publishers of his abilities. The purchase of an offset-printing-imagesetter was soon needed. First refurbishments and enlargements had to be made because the premises were too narrow for the needs of the small business. First, the terrace had been remodelled to create more space for the technical equipment.

Due to the steadily increasing assignments, more staff was required. The first employee was hired. Today, the company with about 40 employees is ranked among the most important employers in this structurally weak area.

Not long after the foundation of “Zirkumflex”, a change of the order structure caused the first step into the direction of today’s company. Private persons submitted manuscripts and expressed the wish to have them edited. As this kind of order increased, Wolfgang and Sabine Bader started their work as a book publisher, for the moment under the name “petit publisher” – small and genteel it should be. In spring 2000, they were able to present their first entire publishing programme. From this moment on, the development of their “little publishing company” went quickly: equipment for the book production was purchased, new employees were hired – and the name of the publisher was changed.

On January 1st of 2001, the company started with a new name; “novum publishing” was born.The successful book production needed more space; space that was no longer available in the premises of the family’s house. So in 2002, Wolfgang and Sabine Bader moved to a new private home to provide enough space for the company. Due to the great popularity of authors the range of services and the company structure were subject to a constant change in order to meet the needs of the authors.Because of the associated on-going hiring of employees, the premises were soon again too small. Therefore, the entrepreneur couple bought a 30-year old house to renovate it. After its renovation the new head office of the publisher moved to this house in 2006.From then on, the publishing company increased in a hardly comparable way and registered numerous business awards. Today, the company may envision itself as market leader amongst publishers with cost sharing by authors in the German-speaking world.

There is still no end of growth in sight. After opening a branch in Sopron / Hungary the way seems to be paved for international efforts.