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The Unfakeable Code®

Tony Jeton Selimi

The Unfakeable Code®

Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms.


Praise for The Unfakeable Code®

“A life manual that assists you in understanding how the Law of Attraction works, and it gives you valuable insights into the science of healing and changing your mindset that will transform your existence.” – Marie Diamond, Global Transformational Teacher, a star from The Secret.
“Learning how to be truly authentic is a frightening process, yet this book walks you through all aspects of how to move
towards this understanding of yourself better and on a deeper level. The Unfakeable Code is an essential guide to becoming a better version of yourself and a great leader by achieving excellence. Tony J. Selimi, offers us a refreshing way to look at authenticity – from objectivity rather than biased opinions of our transient personas.
A fascinating read that’s easy to apply to everyday life, and a great book to return to time and time again. The five freedom, experience, and power-enhancing principles will help you build a deeper awareness of all that you are and are not. I recommended it to academics, business owners, leaders, and anyone working in the human development field. Read it cover to cover, over and over, and you too will broaden and deepen the proficiency of your leadership by presenting your most authentic self in every decision you make.” – The Hon Richard Evans, CEO ACE Modular Construction.
“Tony J. Selimi has proven genius once again in his compilation of all of the intelligence he has assimilated throughout his life, regarding human behaviour and how each one of us can utilise what he shares for the highest good of humankind. The Unfakeable Code® is profoundly touching, personal, and yet, succinct with the body, the mind and the spirit of all. If you’ve chosen to read this book, then you are on the path to knowing your true authentic self and as Tony says, “Love the unlovable in you.”
Tony is a computer all to himself, vibrant and full of intuitive guidance, scientifically proven and logical methods and spiritual techniques are given to you in every page of his book. What you’ll find most useful is the compilation of lessons he has learned, the value in the intrinsic cost endured through his journey, and how he turned his pain into an ever-evolving purpose, to travel globally, consulting and creating brilliant leaders in the world. You’ll feel blessed to have his genius displayed in the written word with his personal touch, which only he can relay, all that he has gained; by being in the positions life has afforded him, the challenges, the accomplishments and the love factor that he has always displayed to those of us privileged enough to work with him and to know him.
His heart is pure, and you will see this in the writing of this offering to you who are wishing to know more about self. If you are looking for an authoritative guide to uncovering the real you, the person you know so little about, but is indelibly inscribed within you, then distribute copies of Tony’s book to everyone you know.
His teachings are illuminating the path to humanity’s growth, by revealing the predicaments we find ourselves in, the answers to knowing our spiritual intelligence within, and how to not only to understand it but to know it and use it to be all that we can be in this life. His ways of expression are nothing less than the brilliance and fullness of love, encouragement and support for you to grow, grow, grow. Knowing oneself has never been presented so brilliantly before.” – Tammy De Mirza Rosado, Author, Relationship Expert and an Intuitive known as The Freedom Alchemist.

“WOW! Bringing the unconscious to the conscious. The Unfakeable Code’s five life-transforming principles are a guide to a more complete and confident life. It enables you to explore your inner-self and your relationship with your soul. Be ready for an immersive experience that will awaken your life by finding the freedom of authenticity.” – Daniel Nikolla, Multi-Award-Winning Marketing Manager.
“Do you feel a gap between who you are and who you think you should be? Is your soul screaming to be rescued giving you the urge to unmask yourself and to be the authentic you that you were made to be? If so, in every chapter of this book, you’ll learn how the essence of authenticity is yourself entirely. It requires courage, something many people lack.
Tony J. Selimi makes a convincing case for being authentic; to be a daily decision, and that there is no substitute for doing the work. Rather than vague concepts and lofty clichés, he dives deep into the complex nuances of real authenticity. This book serves as a life manual for those who want to do the work and own their power. Read it if you intend to be who you are born to be – and then read it, again and again, to grow into all you can imagine, with authenticity leading the way. If you are looking for a life manual to unlock your potential, then this book is for you, your children, family, business and every employee in your business.” – Rezijana Saiti, Attorney at Law.
“In this life-changing book, The Unfakeable Code®, the well-known author gives us practical ways to be more authentic; to take off the mask, and show our real self to the world, no matter who we are and what we do. A considerable and well-deserved place is given to knowing, managing and understanding the role that emotions and Emotional Intelligence play in our lives. Based on the newest outcomes from the field of Neuroleadership and Neuroscience, till now, its impact on every aspect of our lives has been underestimated.
This book is didactically well designed, and messages are formulated with powerful insights, which you can apply everywhere and any time. Tony’s style and language are easy to understand and keep the reader engaged and inflow. As an international scientist and professor of Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, I strongly suggest that everyone should read this book. If you have a leadership position, this book is a must for you, as it helps you to enhance your leadership competencies. If you are a parent, it serves you on how to behave as a role model for your children.
If you are a student or an employee, it helps you to achieve the grip on your aspiring position you want. If you are self-employed, it serves you to strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem to overcome all barriers towards growing your business. Thank you, dear Tony J. Selimi, for giving the world such an insightful book, which undoubtedly will change millions of lives for good. Wishing you all the best in all your activities towards enhancing well-being and wealth-being of the humankind.” – Prof. Dr Fadil Çitaku, PhD, MME (Uni Bern), founder and CEO of the Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland.
“We lead lives of quiet desperation. The world we live in now seems to become more volatile, uncertain, complicated, and ambiguous each day. What can we do? Grab your copy of The Unfakeable Code® and read it over and over again. The headnote by Tony J. Selimi is probably what Oscar Wilde had in mind when he suggested, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” Indeed, Tony concludes with these thoughts, “Let love be your first choice, and daily choose to live in grace and gratitude.” Being an authentic individual is about integrating all of our transient personas into the unfakeable individual we were born to be.
The process does involve tough choices and hard work. When determining who you are in your way and making the contributions that only you can make. Tony’s words of guidance provide you with both insight and wisdom. You will come to acknowledge how only those with integrity will be blessed by the powers of your authentic individual being revealed as you remove the mask you show to the world. Remember to have fun, though, and savour those virtue buzzes along the way. Truly inspirational. Must read.” – Lisa White, Senior Product Manager, Dial A Flight.
“The Unfakeable Code® is full of insightful examinations into the value of taking back control, upgrading one’s psychology, and being authentic in all of your endeavours. Tony reveals an immediately useful mind-upgrading model of authenticity that enables you to replace habitual reactions with authentic ones that stand by your values, while still making effective business decisions. The book is written in an easy to follow style; this makes it accessible to a broad audience. I therefore highly recommend this book to business owners, leaders, and anyone interested in living, leading, loving and succeeding with authenticity and integrity.” – Georgi Milushev, Program Manager, Amazon.
“The Unfakeable Code® is an awakening, enlightening, and inspirational motivation we have all been searching for. It is a book which, every single one of us can resonate with; no matter from, or what gender, race or backgrounds we come from or what beliefs we hold.
Tony begins the book by describing his childhood and baring all the struggles he had, for all of us to read and be a part of. This has made the book come alive for me. The way he has highlighted the difficulties he had to face and endure and the way he overcame them all makes the reader able to relate to those problems. However, he also provides a sense of hope that anyone can overcome such challenges.
Every single one of us has a fake identity as Tony proclaims in his book. We are all a mixture of good and bad, powerful and vulnerable – we all possess these qualities. Tony expands beautifully on how we can love ourselves for who we are, embrace all our qualities and how to improve ourselves; but at the same time be more understanding to others who have yet reached a balance and accepted themselves fully, with love.
A genuinely brilliant yet daring book that motivates the reader to question him or herself, delve deeper into who we are, and it encourages them to do it boldly and without regrets. In a world where virtual reality has become more powerful than the living truth, I am confident that every reader will be able to find themselves while reading this book, which I would classify as a gem standing proud amongst all the other self-discovery books.” – Dr Elgerta Ismaili, NHS England.
“Authenticity is something we all have to deal with throughout our lives. When I was younger, I used to live in the illusion that this is something we only have to do once, or perhaps a few times, like for example, coming out of the closet. Still, our beings and our lives are by far more complex. An inquisitive and self-reflective mind might notice some layers of qualities, thoughts and behaviours which we keep hidden to others, or even to ourselves, but it often takes the help of a skilled external observer to act as a mirror and help us to dig deeper.
For the last few years, I’ve had the privilege to be working with Tony as my life and business coach. In the journey, learning and applying Tony’s revolutionary teachings, I have discovered and overcome many perceived obstacles to my authenticity. I have therefore been eager to read the crystallisation of his teachings in the five life-changing principles contained in this book The Unfakeable Code®.
Whether you are entirely new to this or a veteran in personal development, let Tony’s capable mixture of narrative, detailed teachings and personal anecdotes patiently guide you through the structure of this manual and help you rediscover, express and live a life more and more aligned with your authentic self.” – Dr. Pietro Emanuele Garbelli, Acute Physician, Founder of Purposefully Transforming Healthcare®.
“From the moment you meet Tony, you feel infused with a feeling of love like never before. After interviewing him a few times on London Albanian Radio, I decided to book a consultation to help me with some specific health and professional issues I was experiencing. In the two-hour session, my core beliefs were challenged, changed and realigned like never before. I felt an opening in my heart that no other life coach, mentor and healer has ever achieved before.
His award-winning and #1 bestselling books A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness sparked many enlightening radio conversations on different topics that my audience from around the world loved. He changed me and the lives of the millions of people through the enlightening perspectives he shares in talks, seminars, consulting and healing sessions, and his Living My Illusion documentary. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to be an early reviewer of his new book The Unfakeable Code®, as I knew it would be another pearl he is gifting to humanity.
Each of the five principles is a life-transforming personal journey that masterfully guides you to discover your inner universe, learn how to take back your power, and let (as Tony beautifully describes it in the book) your authentic, and unfakeable being lead the way. I recommend reading each sentence with heightened awareness, for if you let them, they will heal your body, mind and soul. He teaches you how to upgrade your mind, language, and use values to help you master your false self-persona, raise your self-esteem, and be a confident leader of yourself and others. In every chapter, you can review all aspects of your life, from family, friends, relationships to business and financial aspects.
As you perform every exercise, you will start to awaken dormant parts of yourself by showering you with the gift of clarity, the joy of life, and wisdom, and will give you the strength and courage you need to face every difficulty with dignity and serenity. I invite you to emerge your being in another universe and discover how to unleash your unfakeable being’s authentic power which will help you to live freely on your terms.” – Anila Gremi Kushova, Radio Presenter, Diplomacy and International Affairs Expert.
“If you are looking for a book that can help you take back control of the direction your life is going in and succeed in life with authenticity, then The Unfakeable Code® is the book for you. Tony J. Selimi shows you an incredible system to safely peel off the masks of your wounded persona that were created through inner discord, pain, and that lonely feeling within us that manifests in various forms in our society. A must-read book for today’s modern leader, business owner, and citizen living in a technological Disneyland, yearning for connection, love, and fulfilment.” – Patryk Wezowski, Award-winning Film Maker, Director, Producer, Record-breaking Fundraising Expert.
“You may never be at peace with others if you are at war with yourself,” says the author – a straightforward sentence, yet very powerful and sophisticated. Simple: – All of us are at war with ourselves! Complex: – Not an easy solution! Powerful: –Tony J. Selimi provides the tools! No matter what we have been through in life or how far we have travelled. Frequently we feel like we are standing at a crossroads, as though our purpose in life has vanished and that we have lost control of our steering wheel.
Then somebody like Tony enters our lives with a book like The Unfakeable Code® and yes! it shakes your foundation to the core, but at the same time, it’s another painful and beautiful wake-up call for our sleepy souls.
Apply the five rules! Be authentic! Stop the inner war …
Only a mastermind like Tony J. Selimi can harmonise science, psychology and spirituality with such simplicity and brilliance. This is a book that will unstick any reader from a worthlessness mentality or a lack of confidence state, while adding more soul, value or revenue to all the businesses, advanced entrepreneurs and people of all profiles from different walks of life. This book is another priceless gift to humanity!” – Dije Berdynaj, Director of Sales at Hampton Resorts and Hospitality, Southampton, New York.
“This book is creative, engaging, and persuasive. Tony J. Selimi has once again succeeded in dissecting different aspects of our transient personas, examining both our magnificence and our deficiencies, the negative and the constructive potentialities of our deceptive nature, and gives you ten mind upgrading principles that will awaken the authentic power of your unfakeable individual.
Tony’s objective is to self-investigate the real positive nature of showing confidently showing the world your true self. The book is clearly written and so easy to follow, which makes it accessible to a broad audience. I therefore highly recommend this book to consultants, students, teachers, people from all professions, business owners and leaders – especially those who suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or other mental health-related issues.” – Paul McMonagle, Piping Supervisor, Workbacks Engineer, and an Ambassador for Mental Health.
“Tony’s take on authenticity is both thought-provoking and practical. With ten simple to understand mind elevating principles, he demystifies what authenticity is, and importantly what it is not, in order to take back control and own our power. He is one of the best storytellers of our time who brings you teachings and research from science and client’s experience driven research to life; using real stories about real people, set in a conversational tone that has you on the edge of your seat, gasping in amazement at how accurately each example applies to your life experiences and leadership style.
The Unfakeable Code® is a straightforward book about the hard work it takes to become a truly authentic individual, but it’s also about the rewards of making that investment.” – Marija Milushev, International Compliance Analyst, Chicago.
“The hunger for authenticity guides us throughout our lives. As a cardiologist working in the NHS, I read a lot of self-help books to help me cope better with burnout, stress, and to communicate authentically and mindfully with patients, their families, junior doctors and my superiors. But Tony J. Selimi’s book The Unfakeable Code® is a “master class” in attaining freedom and becoming successful while and through attending to one’s unfakeable true self. With clear language, the five-step principles, and compelling metaphors, he explores the complexities of personal psychology and the quirks of spiritual challenges; melding these together thoughtfully and provocatively.
Selimi has once again pioneered a formula for living freely on your terms, drawing on the solid science of balanced psychology to develop gold-standard principles for assessing authenticity. He reveals that when people integrate their disowned personas, they naturally begin to examine themselves psychologically, accommodate new information and live more authentically. I recommend it to my fellow healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and aspiring executives who dare to look at themselves as well as others, with objectivity. Because Selimi presents dozens of examples of his consulting conversations, I also recommend it to fellow professionals who wish to learn from a masterful teacher.” – Dr. Sc. Todorche Stamenov, NHS London.

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