David Dordi

Format: 13.5 x 21.5 cm
Number of Pages: 144
ISBN: 978-3-99048-318-3
Release Date: 28.06.2016
If you are looking for action, adventure, fantasy, romance and much more, this is the book for you. Follow the brothers, Enzo and Dante as they take a journey, not only finding out the truth about why their foster father was killed but also finding themselves and just what they’re capable of. David Dordi has a way of making you feel like you’re in the room with the brothers and you just want to jump in and help them but you have to wait and see what happens next. This book is nail biting right to the very end but well worth the read. You’ll be glad you picked it up.
At the beginning of time, roughly after the earth was just created. God sitting on his throne only his white robes were possibly visible. He was making a man in heaven. Heaven sparkling white, slightly cold and warm but it was completely empty with God’s hands colliding and dancing together. Until his hands separated together, opened up and spread out proud of his latest creation of a human being, his mouth opened “Warrior” He was placed in Earth. The man saw the magnificent waterfalls, the lush green grass and the organic structure of trees with their barks so radiant.
Over in the distance, he saw something strange engulfing earth like a black cloak, lying above earth as it spreads, it looked strange like some kind of darkness. His heart heavier, over the fact that these beautiful creatures are being scared and running away from this dark cloak. He had desire to fight and God heard his favour God willingly gave him an army of people with the man. The man said to God “Thank you but I need something to fend off evil, away from my brothers and sisters for a long time.”
“I will give you the power of strength and immortality of a dragon. The eyes of a hawk and a mind of a wise man.” When evil was creeping on Earth and engulfing it with darkness, he stood stiff as a solider, looking at the darkness eating whatever it sees in its path he stood tall and mighty to protect everyone like a ray of light in the darkness. Unsure to what the darkness was they went in it without remorse and knew defeat was no option. The battle was long and God’s army had to fight as it was their destiny to protect their home Earth. Once it was over, the army triumphed greatly sweating blood dripping from their skin understanding pain. God told them they are free to live in peace and harmony without fear of evil over them. Shocked and scared as the leader didn’t know where to go in his life but as time passed he found a beautiful woman and fell in love. They had two boys who were blessed with the names, Dante and Enzo. God was so pleased that the leader had moved on that he invited both of them to the kingdom of Heaven, but at a price. He had to leave their sons at the hands of God. God wanted them to go to a specific time and location, as he had plans for them. The army on the other hand were angry, because they had felt they were abandoned and evil had got a hold of them. The army started plans on ruining the creation of Earth and the people. They ran away and patiently started their plan.
Being strayed away from the order of God’s army, they caused chaos. They were called Ancient humans at the place in heaven they were most feared in history. They were the lost souls. They were the Spartans, the most feared combatants of History. In the Russian history Rasputin was poisoned, drowned and even beaten to death but nothing happened until they burned him and had to watch him. They wondered where he got his mysterious healing power. Historians believed it was medicine to hypnotize the Tsar Nicholas ll’s son but the truth was, that he was an ancient human with incredible healing power. Hitler, a human that was controlled by an ancient human until he made a mistake that the ancient human wasn’t there to tell him what’s right and wrong, thus the allies won the Second World War. But what was the plan? What was their goal in which they tried for so long?
God feared his creations were in danger and knew that it was time to act, as the ancient humans were prepared to set their plan in motion. God sent the leaders’ sons to an orphanage, knocked on the door and left in a blink of an eye. He sent them to earth at the present time so that both of them would be taught to defend the earth from an ancient human era. They called the plan the Apocalypse.

Centuries later
A Moment's Grace
It was the break of dawn and it was getting dark with the moon shining brilliantly in the sky. Driving in their silver car, in which the seats were black and quite stiff. The atmosphere in the car smelt like dust in the air with the windows rolled down. Dante the elder brother whose skin tone differs to Enzo but they didn’t even mention it, as they knew they were the same blood as he was brown. He is a little shorter than his younger brother, but he is physically built without abs. He has quite short hair and liked to shape his hair in a modern style. Enzo was lighter in skin tone. Thin built figure who liked to work on his body, in which he had the complete set of abs, arms and a good body shape. Both their eyes were brown, with Dante having black hair and curly but Enzo having slightly brown hair when he appears in the sun otherwise it would tend to be black His hair was straight not like Dante’s. Enzo finished college and wanted to talk to their old man. They call him old man as they would love to annoy their foster father who took them in when he found them on their doorstep. He looked around forty to fifty years and wore glasses, had stubbles for a beard and his hair was long and slicked back. His hair started getting white, it looked like salt and pepper. He lived with four other priests. Dante and Enzo wanted to say their last goodbye to their father before they applied to university. But when they arrived at the orphanage, it was destroyed. The door was smashed open, the tinted windows of pictures were smashed with holes as well. Their old man Quinton, was lying on the f loor with blood everywhere around him wearing his blood stained, cracked eyeglasses along with a strap. A humongous void near his heart, also the other priest bodies were splattered everywhere. Quinton heard footsteps in their broken down home, and in his dying breath he said “Enzo, Dante” with regret in his eyes, as he didn’t want his sons to look at him like this. He tried to turn his pale looking head as the light from the moon touching his skin from different areas but most of the light touched half of his face. Enzo and Dante grabbed both of his hands. His icy cold fingers “I want you to go to south east and go to the edge of town. Go to the dark alley and there is a phone booth,” with each word, he struggled with his dry lips, trying to lick them to keep them warm for him. “Open the letter and read it.” He paused and looked at their heartbroken eyes, tightening their fists to provide him warmth and contentment. “I am sorry.” Quinton’s striking eyes pierced Dante’s soul and he remembered that Quinton was there for his first day of school marching into class like a trooper. Enzo remembered when he cried in class because he felt so alone in his life and the teacher had given up on him and shouted “Let him cry”. Quinton saw to it that every day he showed his face through the window, to make him feel good again and arrive always five minutes early to his school. Whenever he would leave with Quinton, Enzo would stick his tongue out at his teacher before leaving. Dante and Enzo looked at each other and realised that they only have each other to look after now. Enzo miserably said “We need to leave!” Dante looked at him with sadness in his eyes and said “Okay.”
Getting up, Quinton’s icy hand grabbed Dante’s hand tightly and said “Be careful my sons, you are the only hope,” he continued decaying “My only hope.” Dante kneeling “Come with us Quinton. I will take you to the hospital.”
“Don’t be rash, it struck near my heart.”
“Tell me who did this to you?”
“Don’t be reckless and start beating up people Dante.”
“Don’t die!”
“I am in no condition.” Said Quinton.
His hand slowing getting weaker and unable to grasp Dante’s arm. Enzo fell down on his knees and grabbing him shouted “Dad!”
Dante stood up clutching Enzo shoulder “Let’s go, we both know it’s dangerous to stay here now.”
Enzo got up and walked out slowly with Dante. As Enzo got out of the door Dante looked at Quinton’s corpse “I will not forgive whoever has done this to you Quinton and everyone here.”
They didn’t shed a tear as Quinton had trained them for this moment that they were never prepared. They walked out in silence, honouring his last moments and his funeral.

The Other Side
Sitting down on a chair, was an utterly mysterious man blocked from the outside world. The room was completely dark. Pitch black. The only source of light was the massive window behind him, with the red sun shining. His black chair facing towards the sun, admiring it. A man went in the office and sat down on the red leather designed sofa. The man sat down gently with confidence of the man behind the black chair.
“Did you complete the Job?”
“Yes sir.”
“Did you kill the two boys and Quinton?”
“Yes Sir,” he hesitated “but!”
“But? Are you saying you didn’t complete the job?”
“Quinton is dead but the-“
“The boys are alive!” He yelled.
The man f linched, as he slightly moved the chair, but readjusted it looking straight.
“It’s fine, mistakes happen.”
“I are really sorry sir.”
“But they are boys, what destruction they will cause?”
“They are no ordinary boys. But it’s fine. I will give you a chance because you completed it fast.”
He pulled out the knife, waving it around with his hand with the man clearly seeing it.
“What is the meaning of life?”
He threw the knife at the hitman. He slightly tilted his head cutting his cheek slightly.
“Hmm!” He said. “Well, you are right.”
“Why throw a knife at me?”
“I wanted to see if you were ready for death.”
“I was ready when I accepted the job to kill a paladin.”
“Good man.”
“Can I please leave?”
“Sure, the money has been wired to you.” he said “Before you leave I need you again.”
He reached into his pocket, but did it slowly as he was aware the man he was dealing with wasn’t like any ordinary multi billionaire he had dealt with before. He knew he was different, like himself. He pulled out his card and tossed it at his desk.
“I do not want your card.”
“How will you get in contact with me?”
“I have my sources.”
“Was it hard?”
“I do not want to talk about my jobs.” He said immediately interrupting his full sentence.
He got up without saying a single word and left the room.

The Road to Nowhere
Dante was driving with Enzo to where their father told them to go. It was a quiet street where they were driving, with a mixture of darkness and mystery in the air with no sign of life. Enzo was quiet the whole journey and Dante was full of a fiery passion for revenge. They ended up at an abandoned carnival. The place was deserted. The atmosphere was chilling, it was quite dark with a moon covered by the clouds as it was their only source of light after they got out of the car. The merry go round was white but stained with dirt, or the paint had peeled off as the white horse without an eye looked quite frightening. The Ferris was quite old and rusted. The grass grew above the average height and wasn’t cut. The path seems to be dusted by leaves everywhere. Getting out of the car and slamming the door Enzo grasped Dante’s shoulder and whispered “Be Careful, I feel we are being watched.”
“I can feel as if we are being watched as well, I was going to warn you too.”
Both of them had to be cautious. Enzo noticed that there were people watching from the brushes and behind bumper cars. They managed to reach the phone booth, as it was located in the middle of the cross paths, it looked very strange as it was directly in the middle. Dante turned and discreetly looked at all his options of escape, “We’re surrounded!”
“Quinton told us to come here for a reason.”
Enzo pulled out his letter started reading it out loud for Dante to hear as well.

My sons, there are many things you would like to tell me. Either I am dead or going to be.
In the phone booth type the numbers 17/21/14/20/9/15/14
And trust Mr. Cloud he will tell you everything and he will tell you what you are. I tried to protect you guys.
But you will soon know your destiny.

Enzo was smart enough to work out that the numbers gave a hidden meaning. It spelt Quinton. He smiled slightly and feeling self-assured, he whispered “smart old man,” as he typed in the numbers on the phone booth. They waited for a second until the phone rang. Dante stepped forward and picked it up “Hello there Cloud.”
“You are not Quinton, you dirty walkers what have you done to him?”
“He is dead!”
“You are surrounded you dirty walkers with a sniper at the Ferris wheel. Twenty armed soldiers. I will not shoot you until you tell me where you got this number.”
“He is dead and I am his son along with my brother and there is no sniper and only 3 armed guards outside.”
Cloud ended the call. Enzo stepped out of the phone booth and looked at Enzo “That could have gone better.”
Suddenly, Enzo shouted “Do not move Dante.”
Dante looked at his chest and saw a laser pointing at his heart, the three soldiers relieved themselves with army paint on their face to camouf lage themselves from the enemies. Both of them put their hands on their heads while, the soldiers came closer and put a bag on their heads. Enzo’s blindfold had been taken off. He closed his eyes as a bright light from above pointed at his face. The person left the room, as Enzo was looking at the room. He noticed it was like an integration scene. Enzo focused at the top of the wall and stared at it, he yelled “I know you are recording this, I can see the camera. I want to speak to Cloud.” The door opened and with the blinding white light hitting his face, the f igure of an average height man in black appeared. As he structured his eyes, he saw a middle aged man. He wore a priest’s robe, just like Quinton.
Enzo said, “Change of heart? Or did you read the letter?”
“I read the letter and I released your brother. I am sorry about the precaution.”
“In the letter it talked about Dante’s and my destiny. What is it?”
“I will answer those questions in time.”
Dante was soon reunited with Enzo outside his interrogation room. Cloud took them both to the theatre room. It was a massive stage with tons of people gathering, as audience in black uniforms as if they were wearing SWAT uniforms but without the helmets. They had guns that had been sheathed on their backs and side guns on their waists. Stood on the centre of the stage with the brothers was Cloud he yelled “Brothers and Sisters, the end is near. These two young men are ancient humans.”
They pointed their guns either at their heads. Enzo and Dante were confused to what the ancient humans were, they slowly raised their hands up.
Cloud shouted in anger “Do not shoot these young men. It’s an order.”
The party laid down their arms as cloud said “they are the protectors of this world.”
The party got angry and yelled “They are killers. We should kill them before they kill us.”
Cloud yelled “They are the ancient human leader’s sons who protected this world.”
“They are dangerous!”
“Quinton is dead! They are the only ones who can stop this war once and for all.”
“Who is going to teach them?”
“I am!”
There were mumbles between the rebels.
“You are dismissed.”
The rebels were dismissed but didn’t give a sign that they could trust them.
Dante shouted “Who are we and what is this war?”
Cloud replied “Both of your destinies is to save this world, the ancient human era.”
Enzo said “We are the sons of the ancient human leader?”
“Yes an ancient human is stronger, smarter, higher thinking capacity, faster and has the abilities to make them super humans but I will train you for that day.”
Dante said “What Day?”
“Judgement day.”

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