Divided Heroes

Divided Heroes

Victor Leonard Libermann

Format: 13,5 x 21,5 cm
Number of Pages: 296
ISBN: 978-3-99064-562-8
Release Date: 08.11.2019
Are the robots able to replace humans? Which are your choices for our future? Through a wide range of spectrums are deriving complete answers for the most exacting questions of our times, enhanced from the true desires of our existence; to make life to happen.

Philosophy is now, yesterday and an hour before eternity
as every day’s press conference of wisdom,
in everyone’s thoughts, but almost no one’s actions
fact absorbed in adumbrated consciousnesses of a shaded time
which transmutes us all into prisoners with open doors
an unfortified muted consensus divides our societies
when we can choose never to die, if we dare to,
the centuries inside us oppress for the momentum
haunted in a journey of seductions among
the perishable and the imperishable

Sincerely yours,
Victor Leonard Libermann

General Manager: Matthijs Volkers
Creative Manager: Anastasios Simeonidis
Product Manager: Alexander Eric Geist
Author: Victor Leonard Libermann

Intellectual property/Copyrights 2018

Simplified Short Biography

I was born in a foreigners’ land, unchallenged its drought from ideas, inappropriate ever to be my home. I started to search in a period which was changing skin and real revolutions didn’t want to be confirmed. This fundamental unknown forced me to walk on rough pathways, to be the impossible, my only friend, to make me able to drive on the new highways of understanding, to finally find the country of my heart, where I always belong, to be a stranger no more; with premature name, preserved in values from time, to be bequeathed a profound civilization, flawlessly willingly to retreat from the weaknesses of strength and a new currency, which still needs muscles to build foundations, where everybody is me, is you, is us. I wired Nations of Babel, different on papers, but homogeneous souls, sculpted in the depth of distance, destined the one to be the fulfillment of the other, totally capable to create a vision for a greater world.
Through the courtesy of reliable true expectations, I received the heavy duty to honor as I was honored and I gave everything I got, without reckoning the balances of enough, to meet the limits of the limitless,one day anyone’s honest, creative or selfless efforts to count, as faithful adjustments of a global impact;the tear of any pain to heal, by waiting the one of happiness, unnecessary its duration to be considered,the availability of forward fearless to wake and sleep with the same exacting dream, till it becomes reality.

CEO of International Projects
Victor Leonard Libermann
Waking and sleeping with the same vision, till it becomes reality and then the past will start demolishing the intensity to teach serenity to be bright to make it competent to build our future


Only the capacity to risk everything from the start for the deepest beliefs,
sourced from moral inspirations, can achieve the impossible.
Initiatives are building, brick by brick, the walls of evolution.
We are born in a war of unfairness, any obstacle or boundary
shouldn’t diminish our visibility for true justice.
Actions must be an honor
for the strong commitments of real living.

Sample: part of ‘Faith of Attraction’

The numbers
attract the body
the beauty
attracts the heart
the faith
attracts the mind
to find the way for the soul
to become spirit

The Compass

Debt crisis approves the system’s failure and must be renewed to reproduce a sustainable future for us and the coming generations. People are running the system without knowing it and for every problem, they see responsibility somewhere else. The mentality of each one of us empowers or heals painful mistakes. Truth can be understood only if we watch it as cold-blooded spectators and not through personal interests; any less a criteria pushes the probability of reparation further. When time passes with ignorance, solutions vanish. The easy will become unapproachable and common sense invisible. As an effect, common interest will be no longer reachable and the decay of the few will become the mass spiritual nutrition. The availability of the obvious has its limits to contribute.
In a virtual world corruption is stronger than creation, with invalid securities and the pioneers’ pipeline from knowledge to wisdom disoriented. Crisis brings the urgency for reality and boosts the maturity for evolution. It depends if societies choose to defend their weaknesses or gain constructive character capable of expanding their fulfillment. Automatic mechanisms to obtain sustainable growth can’t be invented, because improvement needs continuous progress. Every step shows new horizons with the wide-open spectrum on top. Consciousness must be immediately alerted when the lack of creation appears or sooner, when rare spices we use become luxury. The unsupported brightness is the main witness for the uninvited privilege for justice. The force to foresee is within all.
Our artificial intelligence can learn from the easy or the difficult way of life, can be wise through responsibility or greedy through vanity. Wealth not based on perpetual values just consumes energy inside a dead end. The acceptance of an unrealistic power without stable foundations doesn’t seek virtues any longer, but addictions, blindfolded from the arrogance of nothing. Creation is the only noble certificate proving ethics and courtesy. The uniqueness of our existence can’t be endured with dictations of the past or the fear of an unknown tomorrow.
The fields of civilization need the seed of self-awareness destined to grow from an unchallenged light, prepared to generate visions for self-realization. The few successful gain the duty to enrich the environment for more, because it is everyone’s mission. Generations hand in hand must transmit the intellectuality for new milestones. Silent drops of any kind of talents can assemble for a fair ocean. Ingratitude eliminates the gravity for precious beliefs.
The illusion of multilevel interests is just provoking necessary changes and abusing perspectives. Only priceless obdurate oaths sourced from truthful judgment, echo within all divergent views, ordains prosperity. The reasons are manufacturing pulses to reconstruct the tower of Babel, from the vastness of the possible. The word can be initiated.


Intellectual Coherence

Characteristics & Morphology

This subversive laconic compact content can be also characterized as modern economic philosophy, without any discrimination of gender, race or status, to motivate any individual to meet successfully higher aims; altogether to avoid and reduce debts by diminishing the rates of unemployment with structural employment, where machines can’t replace humans. A strong impulse from the micro-technical to macro-technical philosophy, which brings an entity in to the world; to support even a drop which thought to become a lake.
This compressed philosophy is structured as lyrics, to be read more easily. Its accessibility is shaped with the main bodies, the steps, to be addressed the refrains which express the central messages and by changing the phases, it continues without meter, like poetry, to get the extracts of the subjects, in order to build the big picture. Through this innovation, its solidly gathered subjects are able to inspire the vastness of any day’s perception and at the same time the creation of brand-new songs, with different words or parts of the existing ones. The spectrum of the book to be expanded through selected qualitative music, which will spread its ideas with a wider width; from a guitar under a tree, till concerts with thousands spectators.
This treatise uses a method in which every word has a meaning, without research in an ocean, but with imminent effect, through intensive philosophy in an augmented process during Part A. Part B treats more basic issues, necessary to be mentioned. Both parts A and B are concluded in Part C.

Enjoy the invasion in the fundamental environment of self-realization, where the impossible is possible.

In life
what is not optional
it is
and what is optional
it isn’t
because it must be proved
that you are not afraid of any today
to be capable of winning one tomorrow

Samples of structural components

The subjects are formed with the main bodies, the steps, the refrains, to be completed without meter.

(main body: part of ‘The Idiosyncrasy of Whys’, chapter 3)

The main direction is in the unanswered questions
in a rough and long distance without confirmations
guide-light to step foot in the beginning of forever
where willingness will be obliged to serve the soul

(main body: part of ‘Borderless Eyes’, chapter 5)

A tear falls when the wings just lift up only dust
but the barren earth needs even this tiny drop
as you need to be trained hard, to get stronger
to be prepared, because to fly needs duration

(step: part of ‘Alarm-Clock’, chapter 1)

Time is a healer and a wound
a knife pulled out, or pushed in
it depends on you, if the steam
on the mirror will say I love you

(Refrain: part of ‘The Loyalty of Duty’, chapter 4)

Armies against you
An army with you
An oath of principles
your destination
Make time to wonder
make time to count
and when you are there
you will know

(without meter: part of ‘Useful Fear’, chapter 3)

The believed civilization
is on the wings of a mosquito
thrilled to find a swamp
to make its eggs
and drinks blood
to survive one more day
a process to make it forget
that it will be eaten
by the birds
to continue to warble

(without meter: part of ‘Parameters of Adjustment’, chapter 2)

There is no they
when the ego
tries simulations in strangers’ shoes
when the sight
looks lower than a midget’s
when the pride
is abandoned like a whipped dog
then you
will be ignored as oxygen
the I to become a we

(without meter: part of ‘Nuances of Existence’, chapter 5)

What faith doesn’t want to genuflect
what love
doesn’t want to hug
what hope
doesn’t want efforts
what wish
doesn’t want a destination
what purpose
doesn’t want a reason
what life
doesn’t want a meaning
the tears
to bring redemption

(without meter: part of ‘I am No One’, chapter 4)

Morning vans full of papers
are picturing the new victims
especially in the first pages
Trains loaded with rumors
describing ships without sailors

(without meter: part of ‘Unsung Hero’, chapter 1)

A leaf drops where it should be
Our only miracle is humanitarianism
our job is not to be a miracle any more

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