Erotic & romance

Bar Tender

Michael Kopytko

Bar Tender

Customer Ratings:

5 Stars
Wow - 14.02.2021
P. K.

Good job. Got to read this book by recommendation. Will there be a continuation?

5 Stars
exciting, funny & humorous - 08.12.2020

Great Book! Easy to read. Definitely recommendable!

5 Stars
Can’t wait to read the next version of this talented writer - 28.10.2020

Despite I'm not much of a reader, this writer managed to captivate me from start to finish. The story is written very recognizable and has a very exciting storyline with a surprising ending. I can't wait for the sequel.

5 Stars
Surprised - 28.10.2020
Steph Miller

I love reading books from new authors. Very good written with a lot of Drama happening. I loved it. Hope it will continue….

Format: 13.5 x 21.5 cm
Number of Pages: 102
ISBN: 978-3-99064-925-1
Release Date: 28.10.2020
Average Customer Rating: 5
GBP 12,90
GBP 7,99