Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers

Kathryn McGarry

Format: 18 x 19 cm
Number of Pages: 56
ISBN: 978-3-99048-512-5
Release Date: 12.02.2020
'Toy Soldiers' is a moving story, particularly relevant in today’s world of conflict. Darcy and Oliver are childhood friends who play cowboys and Indians together, always letting the good guys win. But as they get older, they are shown the harsh realities of the real world.
’Bang!’ Darcy and Oliver galloped around the field on their hobby horses carried by a light breeze.
Cowboys and Indians was their favourite game.

Oliver drew up the reins and spun around to face Darcy. The toy gun clicked as he pulled the trigger and the good guy shouted with delight, ‘’you’re dead!’’

Darcy and Oliver always made sure the good guys won. The toy guns were very shiny.

They glistened in the sunlight, and holding those guns two best friends innocently imagined being as strong and brave as their own fathers.

A few years later when the real war broke out in a far away country Darcy and Oliver were the first in their school to volunteer.

They tossed and turned in their beds at night, unable to sleep and eager to join the other boys on the battlefield to fight the good fight.

Those best friends thought that they were doing the brave thing and all the girls blushed and reluctantly blew them a kiss as the boys waved goodbye and marched off to war.

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