6–7 years

Max, Mole and the Dinosaurs

Christine Johnson

Max, Mole and the Dinosaurs


Book 1
Max meets a Friend

Max liked to drive his little tractor to the bottom of Grandad’s garden. Max called this part of the garden ‘The Woods’.
He would gather pine cones and put them in his little trailer and then take them to his pine cone store. He also liked to gather twigs to put in his trailer and drive them back up to the house to give to Grandad for his fire.
One day, Max took his tractor to the ‘woods’ at the bottom of Grandad’s garden. He got off his tractor and started to wander in between the trees, when he heard something.
A little voice said ‘Who goes there?’
Max looked around carefully to see where the voice was coming from, when suddenly, he saw a peculiar looking grey face, with a pointy nose and beady eyes hiding behind a pair of very round spectacles.
‘I go there’ said Max, ‘who are you?’
The little creature shouted back ‘I’m MOLE and I’m the keeper of the gate.’
‘What do you mean, the keeper of the gate, what gate?’ said Max.
‘The keeper of the gate. The gate at the bottom of the garden’ said Mole.
Max had never seen a gate at the bottom of the garden. ‘I can’t see a gate, Mole. Where is it, will you show me? And what is behind the gate?’ asked Max.
‘Oh, I don’t know about that’ said Mole ‘It’s a secret gate and I don’t know if I can tell you where it is.’
‘Oh please, please Mole’ said Max. ‘Please tell me. I can keep a secret now that you are my friend, I promise I won’t tell anybody, not even Nani.’
Mole thought about it for a minute without saying anything. ‘Well, alright, but you have to promise.’ said Mole.
‘I promise, I promise’ said Max, and what he heard next was the most exciting ever. He was so excited that he couldn’t say a word. Mole told Max ‘The gate at the bottom of Grandad’s garden is in that old oak tree, hidden by the ivy. The gate is the entrance to Dinosaur Island and nobody has ever been there before, except me, of course.’
‘You mean real Dinosaurs, Mole?’
‘Yes, for sure, real Dinosaurs.’
‘Wow’ said Max, ‘can we go through the gate, Mole?’
Mole thought about it for a second or two and then said ‘Do you really want to be my friend, Max?’
‘Yes of course I do, you can be my best friend and I’ll be yours.’
‘Okay,’ said Mole ‘If you truly will be my best friend, I’ll take you through the gate and we can go on an adventure.’

Book 2
Planning an Adventure

On Sunday morning, Max drove his little tractor to the woods at the bottom of Grandad’s garden. He had promised Nani that he would be back at lunch time. Max was going to find his new best friend, Mole.
‘Mole, Mole are you there?’ shouted Max.
‘Yes, I’m here’ replied Mole, as his little head popped up from the soil.
‘Oh, there you are,’ said Max. ‘Are you ready to go on an adventure and take me through the gate to Dinosaur Island?’ asked Max.
‘What now?’ asked Mole.
‘Yes, now.’ replied Max.
‘It’s really early Max, don’t you have a lie in on a Sunday?’ asked Mole.
‘Not this Sunday morning,’ said Max excitedly ‘I’m too excited to see the Dinosaurs.’
‘Oh, Okay then. What will you be looking for, Max?’ asked Mole.
‘I want to see a Saurophaganax.’ said Max.
‘My oh my, you’re setting your sights high, Max. They are very rare and no one has ever seen one on Dinosaur Island’ replied Mole.
‘Well, that’s what I want to see in all the world. Right, Mole, you’re the keeper of the gate and you tell me that you’ve been to Dinosaur Island before, so you must surely know where we can find a Sauraphaganax. So lead on.’ said Max.
‘I don’t know where to start looking Max, but I think I know who will.’
‘And who might that be, Mole?’ asked Max.
‘Well, when we go through the gate, we will need to look for Pearl’ said Mole.
‘Who’s Pearl?’ asked Max.
‘She’s a friend of mine, Max. She’s a Parasaurolophu, pronounced pair-a-sore-olu-fus,’ informed Mole proudly.
‘What’s a pair-a-soreolus-fus?’ asked Max.
‘That’s Pearl, the most talkative dinosaur ever and she’s sure to know where to find your Sauraphaganax. She knows everything,’ answered Mole.
‘Okay, Mole, lead the way through the gate to Dinosaur Island.’
And they both set off together, as friends, into the unknown.

Book 3
Into the Unknown

Max and Mole stood in front of the big old oak tree and pulled away the ivy which clung to it, and sure enough, there they saw the gateway.
‘Turn the latch, Mole’ instructed Max, and Mole turned the latch and opened the gate. They walked through and stepped into another world. The sun was shining through the tall trees. Everywhere they looked they could see green, green tropical plants, green trees and birds in all colours of the rainbow flew above them, singing songs that Max had never heard before.
‘Do you still want to go on, Max?’ asked Mole.
‘Yes, of course, Mole, lets go,’ said Max and off they went through the rainforest to find Pearl.
‘Pearl, Pearl,’ shouted Mole ‘Pearl, Pearl, where are you?’ shouted Max, even louder. They both
listened for a little while and then they heard a high pitched voice shout back ‘Who’s calling my name?’
‘It’s Mole, Pearl and I’m with my new friend Max and we need to speak to you,’ replied Mole.
‘I’m over here Mole,’ shouted Pearl, and Mole and Max continued to walk through the trees in the direction of Pearl’s voice. Suddenly, they both stopped in their tracks, before them stood a Parasauralophus.
Max couldn’t speak, he was dumb struck, he couldn’t believe that he was standing in front of a Parasauralophus. ‘Wow’ said Max.
‘Hi Pearl, how are you?’ asked Mole.
‘I’m very well, thanks. What brings you to Dinosaur Island?’ asked Pearl.
‘Well,’ said Mole ‘this is my new friend Max and I have brought him through the gate to the island because he wants to find a Sauraphaganax, the king of all Dinosaurs and I thought that you would know where to find one’.
‘Well, Mole and Max, that’s a tall order. I’ve never seen one on the island, but I may know someone who can help look for one.’ said Pearl.
‘Who might that be, Pearl?’ asked Max.
‘I have a friend called Bill, the Brachiosaurus, who might be able to help. He has a long neck and he will be able to look over the tree-tops and see if he can see one on the island.’
‘That would be great. Do you think he will help us, Pearl?’ asked Max.
‘Yes, I’m sure he will’ said Pearl. ‘I’ll lead the way and we’ll go and find him, but be careful my friends, look out for dinosaurs who are not our friends.’
‘What do you mean?’ asked Max.
‘You know,’ said Mole ‘We must steer clear of the T-Rex, the Velocinaptor and the Allosaurus and especially the Spinosaurus, the biggest meat-eating dinosaur on the island.’
‘Come on’ said Pearl ‘let’s go. Keep your eyes open and follow me,’ and they all went off deeper into the rainforest in search of Bill.

Book 4
Bill the Brachiosaurus

Max and Mole followed Pearl deeper into the rainforest. The sunlight gleamed through the trees towering above them, being swayed by the warm breeze and the colourful birds flew around squawking, as if trying to show them the way.
‘Are we getting closer Pearl, can you see anything?’ asked Max impatiently.
‘No, not yet Max,’ replied Pearl calmly. ‘We need to keep going to find Bill. He has a really long neck to see high above the trees and you never know, he might see us before we see him.’
‘Okay’ said Max and Mole in unison. ‘Do you actually know where to find Bill, do you know where he lives?’ asked Max.
‘Yes, of course,’ said Pearl ‘trust me, we’re nearly there.’
They soon came upon a clearing in the forest, where the sunlight shone down onto the grass beneath and they could see clear skies of blue. ‘Bill,’ shouted Pearl ‘are you there? I need to speak with you.’
There was a rustling in the surrounding trees, the ground started to shake and they heard a loud roar coming in their direction. Max and Mole were very afraid and they took a step back and gasped. They were looking up at the most gigantic, longnecked creature stomping towards them out of the trees.
‘Don’t be afraid’ said Pearl, ‘Bill won’t hurt you.’
‘Okay,’ they both squeaked.
‘Hi there, Bill, how are you?’ enquired Pearl.
‘I’m good, thanks.’ roared Bill. ‘What brings you here, with your two friends?’
‘These are my friends Mole and Max and they’ve come through the gateway to Dinosaur Island because Max wants to see a Sauraphaganax. Can you help us find one? I thought because you have such a long neck, you will be able to see over the trees and spot one on the island’ explained Pearl.
‘Well, I can try’ agreed Bill, and he stretched his neck as far as it would go and tried to look all around over the trees, but he couldn’t see a thing, except leaves and birds flying high above him. He brought his long neck back down and looked at Max and Mole with a sad expression on his face, and as softly as he could, he said ‘I’m so sorry, but my neck isn’t long enough to see high above the trees. I couldn’t see a thing except leaves and birds flying overhead. I’m so sorry, but I cannot help you.’
‘That’s alright,’ said Max ‘please don’t feel bad, but thank you for trying.’
Just then Bill had an idea. ‘Listen,’ he said ‘I think I know someone who can help you. You need to find Stan the Supersaurus, he has a much longer neck than I and he stands as tall as a five storey building, so he should be able to see more of the island than I can. What do you think, Max?’
‘That’s a great idea, Bill. Do you know where we can find him?’ asked Max.
‘You’ll find him about two kilometres away in Dinosaur Dell and I know he’ll be happy to help you.’ replied Bill.
‘Do you want to come with us Bill?’ asked Pearl. ‘We might need someone to protect us if we are going deeper into the rainforest and come across the ‘baddies’ like T rex or the Spinosaurus, we don’t want to end up as lunch for him.’
‘Not sure I can be of much help to you all, but my size might certainly scare them off. Yes, I’d love to come with you, I’ve never been on an adventure before.’ agreed Bill.
‘Did you say lunch, Pearl?’ asked Max ‘I have to be back by lunch time.’
‘Don’t worry,’ said Pearl ‘time stands still on Dinosaur Island. You’ll be back in your Grandad’s garden in time for Nani’s lunch.’
So off they all went, Max, Mole, Pearl and their new friend, Bill in search of Stan, the Supersaurus.

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Release Date: 02.06.2016
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