The Story of the Thingymebob

The Story of the Thingymebob

Julie Hope

Format: 13.5 x 21.5 cm
Number of Pages: 42
ISBN: 978-3-99064-061-6
Release Date: 31.10.2017
Are you ready to go on a monster hunt? Will it be behind the sofa? Or hiding behind the door? Join Summer and her friend Tom as they explore every length of her gran’s house in the search of The Thingymebob and his pal, the terrifying Whatchamacallit.
Summer was playing happily in her gran’s house. Gran lived in the next street to Summer and she got to visit all the time.
Summer loved spending time at gran’s, as gran was always baking lovely scrumptious cakes and biscuits, and every little girl knew that warm biscuits were the best food in the world to eat.
Today was one of those days, the smell of hot cake filled the air and Summer knew it would be a good day. She laughed and played and ran into the kitchen without a care in the world, when all of a sudden her gran shouted “Be careful of the Thingymebob.”

Summer stood very still, afraid of what she may find, she looked all around and expected to see a monster with big shiny eyes, very sharp claws and a scaly slimy tail, but there was nothing there that she thought looked like that.
She looked closer, in case the Thingymebob was quite small but none the less dangerous! No, she couldn’t see anything that wasn’t supposed to be there. The usual array of kitchen gadgets sat in their usual places, there was the microwave, the electric mixer, even the weighing scales, but nothing that looked like a Thingymebob.

Summer had a thought; perhaps the Thingymebob was invisible. So she breathed in as hard as she could.
Surely a Thingymebob must smell, it sounded like a smelly thing to Summer. She was expecting the smell of grandad’s socks, but much worse, perhaps sock smell mingled with the smell of rotten potatoes. But no, she couldn’t smell anything.
She had once smelled a rotten potato when she was helping grandad clean out the shed on his allotment. Grandad went to his allotment every day. There he grew runner beans and cabbages, oh and of course potatoes.

Most of the time he just sat in a deckchair watching the world go by, well that’s what he said. Though Summer never could quite understand how you could watch the WHOLE WORLD go by. Gran just told her that grandad probably dozed off while doing this, which made grandad smile.
Surely the Thingymebob must make some sort of noise. Summer strained her ears listening as hard as she could.
What would a Thingymebob sound like? she wondered. I bet it sounds like Tom’s cat when he accidentally treads on his tail. Tom lived next door to her gran and she had been playing with him when Tom stood on Dexter’s tail, it was an awful noise. But no, this Thingymebob was as silent as a mouse. Not that she had heard a mouse but she guessed they were fairly quiet.

Summer looked at her gran and whispered in a scared voice, “what is the Thingymebob”. Gran just laughed and said “you know what it is Summer, it’s next to the Whatchamacallit!” Gran continued to chuckle to herself as she went back to preparing lunch. Today they were having fresh salad and crusty bread, one of grandad’s favourites, but Summer remained distracted, food was not on her mind right now.
Why was gran laughing, this meant double trouble: a Thingymebob and a Watchamacallit, Summer looked around with the widest eyes she could make, but again saw nothing.
She decided she needed to investigate this properly, surely if she invited Tom to come round and play he would help her.

After all, boys were supposed to be brave and strong, Tom had two teeth fall out in one day and didn’t cry at all, so he must be very brave.
Summer asked gran if she could call for Tom. Tom had been out with his mom earlier that day, he had gone to his swimming lesson at the local pool but this was usually only for an hour so he should be home by now. Though Summer was afraid that he may be too tired to go on the search for the Thingymebob with her, so she kept her fingers crossed behind her back. To her delight, gran said it was fine for her to call for Tom.
Summer called next door for Tom and explained the mission to find the Thingymebob as well as the Whatchamacallit.

T om stood at the door with his hair still damp and curly from his earlier swim, but he didn’t look too tired. In fact Tom was excited, he had heard about these from his gran too, though confessed he had never seen one in the flesh. He just saw the merest shadow of one on a wall on a hot sunny day but when he looked properly it had gone.
Summer and Tom armed themselves with wooden spoons from gran’s drawer, just in case they had to smack the Thingymebob on the nose if it tried to bite them.
Off they went, armed with their spoons carefully creeping from room to room, searching in every corner, under tables and even behind curtains.

Summer made Tom lead in front as he was far braver than her, he entered each room with a loud roar to frighten whatever was lurking there, but each time Summer followed him in there was nothing… nothing at all.
They searched the bedrooms, the bathroom and even gran’s pantry where she kept jars filled with pickled foods and homemade jams. Summer’s favourite jam was always strawberry, she liked it spread thickly on fresh buttered bread. But she didn’t have time to consider food now, her hunger pangs would have to wait until the mission was complete.
Once they had searched all over the house, looking in every place possible they decided the Thingymebob must have escaped.

Perhaps the Thingymebob had gone through the open windows into the garden; it may have followed the Watchamacallit, who Summer thought must be a very agile thing to jump through an open window being chased.
This would be no small feat at all. Summer was feeling glum as she really wanted to see what her gran had warned her about earlier that day, so Tom tried to cheer her up by suggesting they go and continue the search in the garden, which Summer was happy to do.
They raced through the house startling gran as they rushed passed her, sending her large skirt and pinafore into a flutter. Gran held onto her oven mitts that were knocked from the work top, “Hey you two”, she shouted, “you will soon find what you’re looking for” and again she let out an almighty roar of laughter.

Summer stopped to look over her shoulder at gran, why did she keep laughing at such a serious thing, like finding a Thinymebob?
The only other serious thing Summer had seen gran and grandad deal with was the day the car had a flat tyre and they couldn’t go on the picnic they had promised they’d take Summer to.
That day she remembers well, and gran didn’t find that thing remotely funny, she didn’t even chuckle once.
However the search continued in the garden, past grandad’s potting shed to the far corners of the garden where the bird stand stood covered in seed and other delights for the birds that visited the garden. Perhaps the Thingymebob liked the taste of the bird seed, perhaps the Thingymebob liked the taste of ….. birds!

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