Dolly Daydream

Dolly Daydream

Jan Johnson

Format: 13.5 x 21.5 cm
Number of Pages: 34
ISBN: 978-3-99131-113-3
Release Date: 21.04.2022
A magical world is awakened as Dolly makes friends with Amazing Grace and other colourful characters on a splendid summer’s day. Join Dolly Daydream and Amazing Grace for an adventure in Phillips Park!
Little Dolly Daydream
Was sitting all alone.
She liked to listen closely
To the river by her home.
The sounds were so relaxing
She almost fell asleep
But then a little butterfly
Danced upon her cheek.

She looked towards the river
There were ripples here and there
And floating with the current
Was a little Teddy Bear
Her fur was wet and soggy
With mud upon her face
And written on her backpack
Were the words “Amazing Grace”

The Teddy had one eyeball
A missing ear and arm
She floated down the river
Relaxed and very calm
Dolly shouted loudly
For the Teddy Bear to hear
But the sound of babbling water
Was still music to her ear

Dolly stood there waving
And jumping up and down
But Teddy floated onwards
Past Man City’s football ground
She was on her way to Beswick
To meet some other toys
A doll named Silly Silfonse
And two lovely little boys

Dolly set off jogging
Heart pumping very fast
She wanted to befriend her
She’d found “someone” at last
When Dolly finally reached her
She held out her little hand
And pulled her from the river
Then they sat down on dry land
5 Stars
Beautiful rhyming and illustrations - 04.05.2022

Beautiful book aimed at pre school age children, although older children would enjoy it too. Very colourful and eye-catching illustrations. Lovely book. I'm very pleased with my purchase

5 Stars
A beautiful little book! - 02.05.2022

Adored this book immediately! We love a good book in our house and this has become bedtime favourite very quickly! It’s written beautifully. Soo relaxing and happy. The illustrations are super cute! with wonderful colours. My little boy loves that it mentions places he knows around beswick too

5 Stars
Absolutely amazing!  - 21.04.2022

My 2 year old absolutely loved this, this is great jan. well done x

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