Sophie Streeting

The stories and recipes were collected by Nikoleta Makrionitou; top food journalist and Food and Wine editor of Greece’s “Gastronomos” Magazine and Barbara Gigilini. Barbara is a Lesvos based journalist and owner of popular newspaper Politika. She has followed the Migration crisis closely since 2015. The photos were captured by the talented Nikos Kokkas; an Athens based photographer and writer, whose most recent work can be found in the highly acclaimed “Locked Down” exhibition. The book was put together and designed by the talented Thanasis Georgiou, multi award winning graphic designer and editor based in Thessaloniki.

Sophie Streeting created this project for Movement On The Ground, whose mission is to provide immediate human relief, cultivate solutions, and drive sustainable change with and for people on the move and local host communities impacted by the European migration crisis. Sophie has a passion for cooking and humanitarian work and has previously worked in hospitality. Sophie is currently working as an Education Coordinator with MOTG working in RIC Lesvos.