Regina Ioannou-Knapp

Regina Ioannou-Knapp was born in 1952 in Austria. In 1970, her journey led her to Paris where she studied Psychology with Foreign Languages at the University of Paris III: Sorbonne la Nouvelle. In 1974, she became a professional tour leader in an international travel company and soon a world traveler. In 1983, she was sent for a short mission to Cyprus where she met her late husband. Together they had five children and lived an enviable life, until February 2002 when her husband suddenly passed away. She became a widow, a single mother raising her five young children, a stranger living in a foreign land trying to cope with the male-dominated society. From 1994 until 2015, she was an entrepreneur. In 2015, she wrote her first book titled “The Reason”. Regina is the founder of the Institute of Motherhood and speaks on national and international events, while also working as a Life Counselor helping people find their feet back in life.