Mary Rose Liverani

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Mary Rose Liverani moved to Australia in her youth. She met and married her Italian husband in Australia and lived with him there until his death in 2005.
A trained journalist, Mary Rose pursued a career as a feature writer, columnist and book reviewer for the Sydney press, but feature articles did not allow her the freedom or platform to deal at length with the socio-economic issues that engaged her passions. Assisted by a Commonwealth Literary Fellowship from the Australian government, she wrote her first book, The Winter Sparrows:growing up in Scotland and Australia. This was published and well received in Australia and the United Kingdom.
Sicily, A Captive Land is her second book, prompted by extensive visits to Sicily made after her husband's death.
In her free time, Mary Rose loves to read and write but her passion is travel. She is a political activist, public speaker and a teacher.