Mark Hesketh Jones

Mark Hesketh Jones was born in 1961 in Liverpool, UK. He was educated at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Blackburn. He teaches English as a Foreign Language.
His favourite activities and interests include theatre history, walking and he has been playing the church organ since 1981.
After many years of working for a major UK bank Mark became an entertainer, musician and a local history guide. For eight years, he was Front of House Manager at Eastbourne’s historic Royal Hippodrome Theatre, during which time he researched its history - (Published in 2006) He moved to Malta in 2007, since when he has taught English in a language school. He is married with one son - Ciaran.

His previous authorial career includes:
Mr Phipps Theatre - The Sensational Story of Eastbourne’s Royal Hippodrome (with John Pick).
Heyday of the Hippodrome
Al Souls Church (with Peter Wood - text by MHJ)
The Britannia Theatre (published privately)