Lara Bernardi

Lara Bernardi is a business economist FH, spiritual teacher, and mother of three girls. She has written numerous specialist articles for business magazines and is the author of several books and a business meditation CD. As a spiritual teacher, she counsels holistically using her clear-sightedness and clarity. Additionally, Lara offers training in mediumship, spiritual counseling, and new methods of healing as well as numerous seminars on how to become happy and healthy.

Since childhood, she has been conscious of the immaterial realms. She sees, feels, and understands energies. This allows her to advise her clients in all areas. Lara has the talent to understand people holistically and to show them who they are and what they can do in order to live the richest possible kind of life.

Using her years of practical coaching experience, Lara developed the BERNARDI Profile® as an assessment of personality and individual potential.