Frederick Munn

Frederick Munn was born in 1928 in a one-bedroom tenement in Sheffield and attended Firth Park Grammar School. He has had many jobs, including a book salesman, vacuum cleaner salesman, an engineering clerk, Steel Buyer and a self-employed entrepreneur.
He is the third son in a political family including two Lord Mayors and a junior Minister. He chooses to be apolitical, an observer describing himself as a “chancer” and a “romancer” fed on an early diet of AA Milne and Kipling and his mind was formed into that of a natural storyteller. He likes to write, read, watch and learn. Each day being the unopened present that it is.
This is his first novel. He lives in Bristol, married over 60 years to Brenda. They have one son, Jonathan Paul and two Granddaughters, Juliette and Lydia.