Faye Starling

Faye Starling was born in Southport, UK. At the age of ten, she left the UK with her parents to go to Kenya, where she completed her education. Faye was educated to secondary level after which she attended secretarial college.

Faye lived in Uganda and Tanzania until she got married at 18. She and her husband lived in Bangladesh and Ghana. After her divorce she returned to the UK with her son and joined the police at 24. She spent some time as a teacher at a secretarial college before she remarried in 1977 and moved to Hong Kong in 1983. There she became a director of an English training company. In 1997 Faye moved to Cyprus and lived there until 2004. Moving to Morocco, she bought land and became the project manager of her self-designed home. She returned to the UK in 2019.

Her favourite activities are animal care, gardening, cooking and writing. She has written a children’s book containing 4 short stories awaiting publication this year.