Dr. Gwilym Wyn Roberts and Robert Workman

Dr Gwilym Wyn Roberts has worked in health and social care practice and education for over 30 years. He gained a Master’s degree in Further and Higher Education from the Institute of Education in London and a Professional Doctorate from the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University. He was Director of Occupational Therapy and Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University until 2016, when he retired from full-time paid employment at the age of 55. He now works as a healthcare educational consultant and a retirement coach.
Robert Workman qualified as an occupational therapist in 2003, graduating from Cardiff University with a first class degree. In 2011 he gained a Masters degree in Ageing Studies from Swansea University. Robert is currently an occupational therapy manager in South Wales. He engages in a variety of meaningful activities and is already planning for his retirement in 20 years’ time!