Rev. David Wheaton

The late David Wheaton was born in Abingdon, Oxfordshire in 1930. He studied at St John’s Oxford where he gained a BA in Classics and, thereafter, the London School of Theology (BD). He served for many years as a Vicar, before becoming Principal at the Oak Hill Theological
College. He was later appointed as Honorary Canon of St Albans Cathedral and then became Chaplain to HM Queen Elizabeth II. He had a lifelong love for classical Greek. As a born teacher, he found opportunities in every chapter of his life to encourage others towards a greater appreciation of the Bible. ‘Words Worth Weighing’ sprang from the author’s deep passion for understanding and applying biblical truths to daily life. The late author’s extensive knowledge of the Bible, in its original Greek form, provides us with new insights into many lesser-known New Testament words. In writing this book the late David Wheaton’s intention was to bring new perspectives into passages of the Bible and to inspire every Christian to dig a little deeper.