Cecilia Rose Wild

Cecilia Rose Wild was born in 1979 in Budapest. She began to study economics in 1998. Alongside training to become an accountant, she was a student at the School of State Administration of the Budapest University of Economics, where she received a certificate in Administration Management. In 2004 she received a specialist certificate in European Union Financing from the School of European Union Financing at the Budapest Business School. She continued her studies at the School of Government and Law at the University of Pécs, and in 2009 received a degree in Engineering from the Zrínyi Mikós University of National Defense. She has worked as an accountant, and has prepared tenders, while making use of her creativity and organizational talent in various fields. Since 2004, she has run her own business, which operates in the area of finance. Before the publication of her first book, she wrote essays, articles and did translations. Her hobbies include shooting, martial arts, and bodybuilding. For relaxation, she likes to read. Her favorite kinds are technical books, philosophy and Russian realist literature.