Carole Leret

Author Carole Leret was born in Middleborough, Northeast England in the middle of WWII in 1941. Her first memory is of her home being bombed when she was 18 months old. Sadly her father died a year later and her widowed mother brought up Carole and her two sisters. She went to school in Middlesbrough and to Teacher Training College in Kingston upon Hull. It was during this time that she received into the Roman Catholic Church. She married her Spanish husband in 1967 and moved to Bristol. She completed her degree in education in 1979 and in 1983 was awarded a Master’s in Education from Bristol University.

Now a retired teacher, Carole is married with three grown up sons and seven grandchildren. Carole enjoys reading, current affairs and is a member of the Woodland Trust. Before some ill health over recent years, she was an avid walker. During her teaching career, Carole taught children of all ages from primary to sixth form.