Apollo Kikule

For the last thirty years, as well working as an accountant and setting up a successful Financial Systems Consultancy company first in Botswana and then in Uganda, Apollo Kikule has labored day and night in the study of God’s Word, with particular reference and focus on the New Testament. In these studies, Kikule has found the spiritual truth to share with the world which comes from studying chapters in their entirety. He has found the congruence and uniformity in the meaning of each chapter and with all other chapters in the New Testament when read as a whole. The importance of individual writers i.e. the Apostles and Prophets disappears in thin air and what remains is the utterance of God; the inspired word. Within this utterance is the Law for conviction of sin and the Gospel with its gift of righteousness on contrition and faith for our salvation.

The author would like to thank his family, in particular his wife, niece and daughter for their constant and invaluable support.

Kikule’s next two inspired books are coming soon: The Acts of the Apostles and The Gospel According to St. Luke.