Alford Khan

Alford Khan, the eldest of 12 children was born at Adelphi Village in Berbice.
He studied at the Berbice High School. After which he worked with his father who was a dentist and tailor. On completion of his tutelage in dentistry. He left for the UK and found employment as a civilian with the Royal Army Dental Corps.
In 1968 he established his own dental business in London and is still active in that field.
The adage “Jack of all trades” suits Alford Khan to the core, as he acquired varied skills right from plumbing to parenting, cabinet making and designing furniture, and has also written many stories for the The Rotary Club of Geenford’s magazine.
Alford Khan enjoys his life with his four children (three daughters and one son).
He loves adventurous travels and socialising with his friends.