Pauline Sallis

Pauline Sallis has worked extensively with students with special needs. She was the performing arts teacher at Dorin Park School, Chester. Under her ... 

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Gohar Sargsyan

Gohar Sargsyan was born in Armenia. She finished school after Sakharov, and then graduated Saint-Petersburg University, law department. After ... 

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Peter Sellers

Peter M. Sellers was born in 1932. He was educated at The Hulme Grammar School, Oldham, Lancashire. His favourite activities are antiques and ... 

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John Sheng

John Sheng (Chinese: 盛约翰) was born in Shanghai in the People’s Republic of China. He arrived in Australia in 1989. He has published several Chinese ... 

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D-J Sinclair

DJ Sinclair lives in Essex. She worked in freight forwarding for almost 21 years. Leaving that, she turned to writing. "The Duck Who Couldn’t Swim" ... 

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Jyoti Singh

Joyti Singh spent her childhood in Asia. She then moved to England due to her parents’ careers. Despite a deep love for writing and the arts, Singh ... 

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Carys Smith

Born in Kent in 1950 and now living in Wales, Carys Smith has already written several short stories and poems which have been widely published in ... 

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Paula Smith

Paula Smith is currently a student at Edinburgh University studying Counselling which has followed on from a deep interest in psychology and human ... 

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Trudy Smith

Trudy Smith was born in Pretoria and lived the majority of her life in South Africa. In this, her first novel of a trilogy, Smith paints a portrait ... 

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Ed Snijders

As a commercial manager at TomTom, Ed Snijders lost his way. After twenty years in corporate positions, a black-out in a car almost cost him his ... 

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Kamil Soleymani

Kamil Soleymani was born in Iran in 1985 and now lives in Germany. He is married with two children. He was born into a poor family and he had a ... 

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Tamara Solomon

Born in Medgidia, and educated in Constanta, Romania, Tamara Solomon studied Romanian Literature and Language, as well as English Literature and ... 

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Brian Speed

Brian Speed is from Sheffield in the UK and has spent his career in education. He was a secondary school maths teacher for 20 years, and a maths test ... 

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Paul Staples

Paul Staples was born in 1935 in Chichester, Sussex. His school education was in Bracondale Private School, Norwich. He worked as a marine engineer, ... 

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Ruby Steele

Born in Cardiff in 1943, Ruby Steele began her working career as a secretary in industry before changing direction into Facilities Management. She ... 

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Inger Susaeg

Inger Susaeg was born in Oslo in 1951. She has higher education in art, music and drama. After working for nine years as assistant professor for ... 

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