Brian Thomas

Captain Brian Thomas is from the beautiful County of Pembrokeshire in West Wales, United Kingdom, and following a 26-year career in the Merchant Navy, travelling the world, he finally lives there with his family.
He has had the most versatile of careers and has served on many ships including the infamous Queen Elizabeth II and the world’s largest seismic research vessel at the time, the Symphony. Brian was also selected to become a commissioned officer of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy and served on HMS Manchester and HMS Campletown.
He has reached high levels with the Royal School of Music on piano and classical organ. Brian attended Fishguard High School and then earned diploma in civil engineering in Pembrokeshire; after that he studied BA Hons at the University of Wales, Swansea, but left after the first year to start his Officer Cadetship at Glasgow Nautical Academy, Scotland. At the age of 36, he became a full unlimited Master Mariner and was given the command of the world’s largest Seismic Research Ship. He was a member of the Marine Safety Forum. He was given the rank of Lieutenant.
On 2nd June 2011, when power walking, he collapsed and remained in coma for more than four weeks. He recovered and came back to life through his strong determination.